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Hello, and welcome to Crystal Quill Editorial Services! My name is Krystle. I’m a freelance copy editor and proofreader with a passion for good writing and engaging storytelling.

I’m in the process of completing a Certification in Copy Editing through the University of San Diego. I’ve always had a knack for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Grammar drills and sentence diagramming are my idea of a fun Friday night. (No kidding.)

I’m also a writer, just like you. 

I’ve been actively studying and pursuing creative writing for the past eight years. It all started with a recurring dream, which eventually became my first novel.

I read a little bit of everything, so long as it entertains me, and some of that eclecticism makes its way into my fantasy novels. My favorite genre is retold fairy tales. You can probably thank a childhood spent reading Robin McKinley novels, collecting unicorns (I have over one hundred figurines), and watching Disney princess movies for that.

While learning how to become a better storyteller, I also actively grew my knowledge of other areas of this industry. I schooled myself in the business of running a small press and the editorial process. I learned more about copy editing, so I could apply that knowledge to my own novels. I enrolled in the copy editing program at the University of San Diego. One thing led to another, and here I am, running my own freelance copy editing business.

Is editing really necessary?

Every writer needs an editor if they plan on pursuing publication, whether that’s through a traditional press or a self-publishing platform. In my early days, when indie publishing was still somewhat shiny and new, I can’t tell you how many times I released a story into the world, thinking it was fully polished, only to discover in poor reviews that the editing “could use more work.” Writers are too close to their own work to possibly catch all the errors. And while it has evolved in the past few years, editing software like Grammarly and Microsoft Word’s spellchecker are nowhere near as accurate at editing your work as a live human being.

How I can help

I know what it’s like to labor over a piece of fiction and suddenly be faced with the daunting (and, for some, tedious) task of cleaning it up. Let me help save you hours and hours of time–time you could spend writing your next novel. Let me take off loads of stress and anxiety by assuring you your work is ready for prime time because it has been vetted by a trained editor.

To learn more about how, specifically, I can help, visit my Services page.